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Fitbit® Ace 3 Kids Activity Tracker

The Ace 3 Kids Activity Tracker tracks all-day activity and has a long battery life of up to eight days. Features animated clock face characters, sleep tracking, reminders to move and stretch the legs, and virtual badge incentives.
16,000 Award Miles

Fitbit® Inspire 3

Find your energy and feel your best with Fitbit Inspire 3™. Active Zone Minutes tracks your heart rate so you know when you’re in fat burn, cardio or peak zones and can adjust your effort to match your goals. Stress Management Score and guided breathing sessions can teach you healthier ways to handle and respond to stress.
19,900 Award Miles

Fitbit® Luxe Fitness and Wellness HR Tracker

Boost your mind, body and health with the Luxe, a fashion-forward fitness and wellness wristband that tracks the essentials.
24,400 Award Miles

Fitbit® Sense 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Learn to manage stress, sleep better and live healthier with Fitbit Sense 2. Identify patterns of stress with all-day body-response tracking and smart notifications. Try new ways of managing stress with guided breathing, exercise, meditation and more.
53,700 Award Miles

Fitbit® Versa 4 Smartwatch

Get better results from your workout routine with this fitness smartwatch. The thin, lightweight design keeps you comfortable. Stay on top of your goals without slowing down by seeing your stats in the moment on the large display. Know how yesterday’s activity, sleep and heart rate affect you today with your Daily Readiness Score. Track activities and see your stats in real time with 40+ exercise modes.
37,300 Award Miles

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